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This registration for is especially for studios focusing on

Early Childhood / Preschool Dance classes.

If you are a studio offering a full selection of dance styles, please complete this form.

We are so excited that you are applying to be our partner at Studio Emporium.

Please allow yourself a little time to complete the form below. It allows us to gain a quick overview of your business and how we will be able to work with you to build your bottom line! All information is held in confidence and used only for Studio Emporium reference.

We partner with all studios – big and small, recreational and competitive, part-time hobby based or full-time career focused. Our main goal is to be able to provide our partners with exceptional, personal service and convenience for the families in their studios.

Please note that we restrict the number of new partners we accept each year as maintain our exceptional service is extremely important to us.

We very much look forward to learning about your studio.

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