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When you costume with Studio Emporium there’s no more outlaying money and chasing parents for payments.

You simply choose the costume you want, and list it on your studio emporium boutique page. You can even customize the description (Wednesday Junior Ballet 4-Tutu-Central-013-1024x6835pm Miss Ellen Sugar Plum Fairy). 

Parents click the link, choose their size which they will know from the sample they have tried on in class, then purchase the costume.


On the date you have selected, Studio Emporium will carefully package the costumes, labelled with dancers names and ship them to your studio.

Studio Emporium stock high quality costumes at affordable prices with an emphasis on younger dancers. Each of our pieces comes completely stage ready with no sewing, gluing or accessorizing needed.

Studio Emporium costumes are:

  • Ready to dance in costumes finished beautifully and sparkling with sequins and diamontes (each design is different)
  • Complete looks with headpieces and accessories included


NO more end of year concert costume stress.

NO more endless hours searching stores for bits and pieces to finish costumes

NO more wasted unpaid hours on costume organisation



Partnering with Studio Emporium allows Studio Owners to take control of their costume needs and a yet another income stream to their business.

  1.  Choose your Costumes.

Choose the costumes you love from our different ranges. We’ll even add the costumes to your boutique page so your students can get excited!

  1.  Size your Dancers.

Using the Studio Emporium sizing kit, each dancer can simply decide which size is right for them. Our sizes are consist within a range.

  1.  Choose your profit.CLASRBMED-ripple-breeze-classical-pink-mauve-02.jpg-min

Our catalogues show you the wholesale prices we charge studios per costume. You then decide how much you want to charge your families in addition to the wholesale price.

  1.  Order your costumes.

Using our easy ordering system, our the size costumes you need.

  1.  Decide how you want your costumes to arrive.

You have two choices:

– we’ll send all the costumes to you directly and you can sort them and hand them out to your students.   OR

– for a small additional fee, we will sort and package all your student’s costumes for you! You simply hand out the complete costume bag to your thrilled student which will have every costume and accessory they personally need organise and ready to wear!

  1.  Never stress or waste time on concert costumes again. 

Happy dancers, happy parents, happy dance studio, ecstatic studio owner who receives their costume profit share deposit at the end of the month!


How Does Studio Emporium Work?